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The Mummy

Who's the mummy here?
After being entombed for 3000 years under the sands of Egypt, The Mummy is awakened by a librarian. Now she must stop him, with the help of a charismatic adventurer and her alcoholic brother, before he destroys the world.
Great special effects.

124 minutes, No persons under 10
Action, Thriller, Horror

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Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Kevin J. O'Conner, Jonathan Hyde
Stephan Sommers
ScreenplayRichard Schayer based on a story by Nina Wilcox Putman
MusicJerry Goldsmith
CinematographyAdrian Biddle
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dinamic Digital Sound, DTS
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1999
Produced byUniversal Pictures, United International Pictures(

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Scale (Max)20
South African Media
Cape ArgusDerek Wilson10
Cape ArgusAdrian Monteath10
Cape TimesWilhelm Snyman10
The StarDarryl Accone6
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge15
RapportBarrie Hough14
TV3 ScreenplayBarry Ronge16
International Media
eye Weekly (Canada)Gemma Files15
Box Office (USA)Christine James10
Film Review (UK)Grant Kempster10
IMDB2642 Netizens14
Average .. 59%12
Visitor Ratings
Andre Mes 16
Dion Scher 16
Robert Haynes 8
Petro Kruger 20
Isma Manitsa 14
Martin Wilding 18
Craig Mackenzie 20
Debbie Ross 14
Chris Shao 12
Stuart Mann 8
Marlene Meyer 18
Joan Pelser 18
Hannes Viljoen 18
Tammy Sadagori 18
Marin Radisic 14
Andre Swanepoel 14
Maya Antonella Malik 20
Fouche Venter 16
Diane Otis20
Maria Arias 12
Kylie McCullough 20
Kobus Swart 20
Francesca von Wangenheim 16
Average .. 80%16

Visitor Comments
Shaun Myburg: In the tradition of Indiana Jones, comes The Mummy. This is probably the most humorous version of the classic mummy tale, which is probably why it works so well. Brendan Fraser plays his role with enough passion for it to be believable, and with enough humour to prevent it from being another George of the Jungle role. Local legend Arnold Vosloo is eviley (spelling?) good as The mummy himself, while there is a great supporting cast to stand against possibly the best sci-fi film this to Star Wars! This should be a big hit! Enjoy!

Andre Mes: A great film in the Indiana Jones tradition. Arnold 'Boetie' Vosloo is excellent as the evil Imhotep! Vat hulle, kerel!

Dion Scher: A nice swashbuckling Indiana Jones type movie. Highly enjoyable and good special effects. Recommended.

Robert Haynes: Average. If I was under 10 years old this big budget digital postcard of a 'horror' movie may have entertained me. Otherwise it was simply dead on arrival - the bandages should have stayed wrapped up !

Petro Kruger: Excellent and very scary.

Martin Wilding: Special effects and everything about the movie was excellent.

Craig Mackenzie: Absolutely brilliant! One of the best movies so far this year!

Stuart Mann: George of the Jungle in a slapstick-Horror film is the best way to describe this film. Had potential but multiple plot-flaws, terrible acting and ill-timed attempts at humour destroy what could have been a good film. The most obvious flaw in the story line occurs just after the irritating British chick gets taken away (at night) to be sacrificed and the 'goodies' jump down a convenient man-hole to escape from hordes of zombies and then appear in bright sunshine, in the desert in the next scene!? If you are under 10, have an IQ below 40 and/or rank 'George of the Jungle' in your top 10 movies of the millenium then go for it - otherwise steer well clear!

Joan Pelser: Absolutly great movie, one up for our SA Actors.

Marin Radisic: Great special effects.

Andre Swanepoel: Run of the mill action show, good special effects though.

Maya Antonella Malik: THe Mummy rules!

Diane Otis: This movie is teriffic, exciting, what more could I say, except Imhotep is gorgeous.

Maria Arias: Had great effects, but it wasn't what I exspected it to be.

Kylie McCullough: The Mummy was awesome & Brendan Fraser is so hot!!

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