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Many people have the same query, for example:

  1. How can I find where a particular film is showing?
    There are various ways:
    1. To see if it is on circuit, see Still Showing.
      Go to the movie page, then click the "Showtimes" button.

    2. Check the reverse listing for whole country.
      If it is showing, you will see a list of the cinemas. Click on your nearest cinema to see the screening times.

    3. If you are already on the movie page, use the "Showtimes" button.

  2. Where can I buy my favourite movie on video or DVD?
    We do not sell videos or DVDs. People in South Africa may want to check with Loot. International visitors could try Amazon.

    If you can't find it on these sites, we don't know where else to try.
    Note: be careful of formats and standards: PAL vs NTSC, and the "zone" for DVDs. Also watch the delivery charges.

  3. When will "a movie I want to see" be released in South Africa?
    We don't know. We get a proposed release schedule, which is accurate most of the time, but every now and then, the distributors make sudden changes. They have even pulled a movie the day before it was due to open. Sometimes movies get held back to later in the year, sometimes they cancel the cinema distribution and let it go straight to digital. Sometimes, movies are moved forward in the year.

    We carry the upcoming releases for the next few weeks in advance on our Forthcoming Attractions page, but even that is sometimes incorrect. We used to advertise the release schedule for a month ahead, but there were so many changes that it became too inaccurate for public consumption.

    In general, the Hollywood blockbusters usually get here within 6 months of their US release. Arthouse and indie releases can take up to two years. Arthouse releases may have only 1 print showing, and that may take more than 6 months to move from one main centre (eg Cape Town) to another (eg Johannesburg). Occasionally, South Africa is used as a test market, and we get to see movies before the rest of the world.

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