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Thanks to the following people for their feedback, and for their suggestions, some of which have been implemented.

From: Debbie Stern  (29 December 2002)

I think your webpage is great! Clear, Short and easy to access info. Just what I need. I will definitely keep using it. Thanks.

From: Vimal Sardar  (20 December 2002)

Just wanted to say thanks very much for a brilliant newsletter that you dedicatedly put together for all your loyal fans every week. Your newsletter is informative and makes for interesting reading without too much of useless information and annoying adverts. I especially look out for your release dates and sneak preview listings. Thanks for keeping all us movie fans out there happy and well informed.

From: Karen Botha  (13 November 2002)

I would like to tell you that I love your site and I think the service it provides is bloody excellent. You may need a little help with that bright yellow colour ;) but other than that, two thumbs up.

[The colours you see depend a great deal on the type of monitor you have, and especially on how many colours you have set your display to show: 16, 256, 64k, or more. On our system, the bright yellow is a pleasant bright gold.. :-) -- Ian]

From: Johan Grobler (1 October 2002)

Keep up the great work. This site makes my life a lot easier and it is wonderfully convenient!

From: Kate Woolley  (15 August 2002)

Brilliant, I have deleted my other 'movie' search sites and will only use this one in future. Well done.

From: Craig  (23 July 2002)

Firstly, I would like to thank you for such an informative site which is extremely user-friendly. I also find that, having opinions from various critics makes it more interesting and also allows us, the public, to sort the duds from the gems. The review section from the public is also a unique idea.

I do however have one query, which I am sure has been addressed many times previously. I am not sure whether I am looking past the blatantly obvious here?

On some of the reviews, there would be 2 ratings from the same critic, for the same movie. In many reviews however, these ratings differ quite considerably. I have noticed this in particular when it comes to Barry Ronge (MNET - CINEMAGIC & SUNDAY TIMES) as well as Tanya Farber (CAPE ARGUS & THE STAR).

Is this because in the one instance, the rating is from the individual only and the other is a collective opinion from various critics?

Thanks again for the great site and keep up the good work...

[In the case of Barry, I think he tailors his rating for his audience: the TV audience is less high-brow than the Sunday Times, and thus populist (but not necessarily good) movies get higher ratings on TV than in the Times. As regards Tanya Farber and other Independent Newspaper Group journalists, I think the editors of the different ''Tonight''s bias the scores during conversion. The Star uses a 10 point scale, and the Argus 5 stars. Typically a 7/10 ends up being a 3 star, which on my scale converts to 14/20 and 10/20, which is why they look so different. I no longer carry more than one rating from the same journalist appearing in different newspapers, to eliminate this ''problem''. -- Ian]

From: Gerbus Roux  (28 June 2002)

This is a suggestion that I think most users of the Movie Site would appreciate. On each movie information page, why can't you include a link to that movie's page on the Internet Movie Database? [I guess we should... -- Ian]

Otherwise, The Movie Site is a very useful site and allows one to choose a movie or plan one's movie viewing.

From: Clinton Eidelman  (25 June 2002)

I just have to tell you that you're the bomb!!!!

For months now I have been looking for a SA site that has both Ster-Kinekor and Numetro movie schedules which I can download onto my PDA. FINALLY, I have managed to do this using! You have no idea how cool this is! I'll be telling all my contacts in my company and friends about this site.

As far as I know yours is the only site with both moviehouses on the same site, which is a great time saver!

Please keep it up and just ensure that you do some advertising!

From: Rob le Grange  (11 June 2002)

I have read some of your reviews on films that interest me, although I might not always agree with your sentiments (as with all critics) I am always keen to get an honest reference. Movies are time consuming and it's so much more satisfying to see decent a film rather than one that re-inforces your skeptism about IQ levels in the industry.

Thanks for the most helpful movie information site in the country.

From: Toni  (31 May 2002)

I just wanted to thank you for a great site.

I could not believe what a hassle it is to find information on the net for what I thought to be simple matters, like what the latest video releases were. Especially when you don't know where to look! So I especially love the fact that your site emails me the new releases.

I would like to make one suggestion though. With the acquisition of a DVD player, I have found that many video's do not come out on DVD; and would love it if you could perhaps have a section where you state which DVD's are out and perhaps review them.

Thanks again for a great site and service,

[Re the DVDs: We tried 3 times to have a DVD section, but the distributors were unable to provide us with comprehensive sets of sleeves. So eventually we gave up. Many DVDs are still imported, and there are no spare sleeves. We tried three times... -- Ian]

From: Nathan Kettles  (10 May 2002)

Thanks for a very useful site.
I use it every time a need any information about any movies that are on.

From: Karl Senekal  (4 April 2002)

Thank you kindly. This site is really so useful, and I was lost without it...

No other site that I could find has the type of detailed information regarding current shows...

Thank you for this...
Keep up the good work!

From: Ernest Kasamo Ngobeni  (20 March 2002)

This is the best, accurate and up-to-date site I have ever come across. I enjoy watching movies and thus prefer going to watch them anywhere I can rather waiting for them to be shown next to where I reside. This site is handy in that I can pick & choose where I want to go without risking being disappointed.

From: Paul Theron  (24 February 2002)

It's a great site you have here. It's my best source of information and you never fail to upload the information on time. Thanks !

From: Magriet Ruthven  (21 February 2002)

I just wanted to say, your site is great (and very user-friendly), thanks for it.

From: Johann Barnard  (12 February 2002)

Excellent, excellent, excellent is all I can say. I found more than I needed to know on your site a helluva lot faster than either NuMetro or Ster-Kinekor. Well done. I will definitely be spreading the word.

From: Yolandi  (30 January 2002)

Thanks for the news and updates every week....It really helps me a lot, as I have no time to go through newspapers etc... and to LAURA......girl.....if you do not like reading , do not read it.....

From: Vimal Sardar  (29 January 2002)

My name's Vimal. I'm one of the many subscribers of your regular movie email updates. I just read your email dated 29 January 2002. With reference to the comment made by Laura about you being the worst critic ever, my view on this is: Why stop doing what you're doing just because of someone who doesn't like what it is you do?

In short, You can't please all of the people all of the time. I read you online reviews on occassion. I would be lying if I said I agreed with all of the reviews. In fact there are some reviews with which I may totally disagree. So what? I have never, ever based my decision to watch a movie (or not watch a movie) because of a review or a movie critic. I watch the movie and form my own opinions. I then read the critical review again and see which parts of it I agree/disagree with.

Thank you very much for the regular email updates and thank you for a great, user friendly website. Congrats on developing a website that does not take 3-4 minutes to load each page. Most of all, thank you for your time.

From: James Lim  (27 January 2002)

Great job

From: Lianne Benyon  (18 January 2002)

Thanks for the great website, surf it regularly, and I look forward to my updates each week, certainly helps in planning the weekend entertainment!

From: Rikus Combrinck  (15 January 2002)

My thanks for a most excellent service. I see at least one movie a week and have been visiting the Moviesite regularly for more than a year. It's simple, fast, friendly and always up to date. Truly a pleasure.

From: John Press  (1 January 2002)

Your site is really good and I enjoy using it regularly. However, I would like to suggest the one line movie description (already included below the write up for each movie) be included in the tabular listings for each cinema (perhaps below the name of the movie) -- this would allow easier and quicker scanning through the movies. [Done -- Ian.]

Thanks for a great and useful site.

See also Fan Mail from 2001, and older Fan Mail.

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