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US Top Ten movies

The Panda smacked Dune...

Weekend of 8 - 10 March 2024

  1. Kung Fu Panda 4 (new) (58 M$)
  2. Dune: Part Two (2 weeks)
  3. Imaginary (new)
  4. Cabrini (new)
  5. Bob Marley: One Love (4 weeks)
  6. Ordinary Angels (3 weeks)
  7. Madame Web (4 weeks)
  8. Migration (12 weeks)
  9. Yolo (new)
  10. The Chosen: S4 Episodes 7-8 (2 weeks)

UK Top Ten movies

Dune dug in to hold top spot.

Weekend of 8 - 10 March 2024

  1. Dune: Part II (2 weeks)
  2. Wicked Little Letters (3 weeks)
  3. Bob Marley: One Love (4 weeks)
  4. Migration (6 weeks)
  5. Imaginary (new) (652 k£)
  6. Shaitaan (new)
  7. Titanic - The Musical (Theatre) (2 weeks)
  8. Wonka (14 weeks)
  9. Sami Swoi. Poczatek (2 weeks)
  10. Madame Web (4 weeks)
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