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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

I feel like a real nerd!
I feel like a real nerd!
Dr. Evil whips up a time machine to head back to the frozen Austin Powers of 1969 and steal his mojo -- a special, irresistible life force that makes Austin so groovy. For the new round, Dr. Evil has strengthened his forces with a midget clone of himself he calls ''Mini Me,'' and an abrasive, bagpipe-playing man-mountain of a Scot known as Fat Bastard.

95 minutes, No persons under 10 (Language)

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Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Michael York, Robert Wagner, Rob Lowe, Seth Green
M. Jay Roach
ScreenplayMike Myers, Michael McCullers
MusicGeorge S. Clinton, John Linnell, Pete Townshend
CinematographyUeli Steiger
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dinamic Digital Sound, DTS
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1999

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Scale (Max)20
South African Media
Cape ArgusAdrian Monteath10
Cape ArgusYazeed Kamaldien5
Cape TimesCraig Canavan15
The StarJanet Maslin12
Die BurgerRoline Norval1
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge10
TV3 ScreenplayBarry Ronge14
International Media
eye Weekly (Canada)Colin Giddes10
Box Office (USA)Christine James8
Rough Cuth (USA)Graham Verdon17
Film Review (UK)Jason Caro10
IMDB1922 Netizens15
Average .. 53%11
Visitor Ratings
Amy Walker 15
Debbie Ross 8
Isma Manitsa 12
Robert Haynes 12
Colin Coleman 8
Andre Mes 14
Jonathan Fourie 16
Willie vd Westhuizen 6
Andre Swanepoel 8
Jolene Petro 20
Petro Jansen van Vuuren 20
Doug Doiron 20
Average .. 66%13

Visitor Comments
Shaun Myburg: Yeah Baby! the Original swinger is back! Mike Myers and his alter ego Austin Powers take us on a psychodelic trip to the '60s in this sequel. With plenty of jokes and rip-offs of other movies, this is a funny movie from beginning right until the final credits and rolled up, so make sure you don't leave untill the very last credit. Heather Graham is dead sexy as Felicity Shagwell. Mike does triple duty in this one. The only question is...'Is this really better than Star Wars?'...I think no, but to each his own. Enjoy.

Amy Walker: It was very funny but the way they connected the first movie to the second was pathetic and brought the movie down a bit.

Debbie Ross: I expected a lot more.

Isma Manitsa: Very weak...

Robert Haynes: What could have been a true classic cult comedy was 'dumbed down' to become a more marketable McDonalds Meal Special. Thank God some of the originality from the first in the 'undoubtedly' ongoing series still shines through but, as always, these clever touches went whooshing straight over the heads of the matinee audience I saw it with, such as the brilliant Jerry Springer sequences - and the stolen footage from Independence Day and Apollo 13. These few touches of comic genius saved the film from becoming yet another painful attempt to generate lowest common denominator laughs. Not bad but could have been so much better!

Colin Coleman: Too silly.

Andre Mes: Oh Behave! This film only works at certain levels as it slows down to almost a halt in certain parts, but when it speeds up, it zooms at high speed. My favourite part: the tent silhouette scene! I find it difficult to really rate the film, but I came out with a sore stomach from the periodical laughing! The original was better, though (as usual...).

Jonathan Fourie: Oh Be have! it was Great.

Willie vd Westhuizen: Not so cool man.

Andre Swanepoel: A waste of time.

Jolene Petro: Shagadelic baby!!! Only people with a life or mastermind can watch this movie, so get a life and live!

Petro Jansen van Vuuren: It's good baby. You must see this. Yê baby.

Doug Doiron: This movie rocks.

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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
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