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Weekend of 10 - 12 January 2020

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The doctor was unable to budge The Rock, even with the help of all his animals. Given the type of movie, it wasn't a bad debut, but should have been better.

Arthouse release Judy did the second best of the new releases, landing at number 9, while teen horror thriller Underwater missed the top ten and landed at 12. This is more a consequence of only having 10 screens to compete on, against Judy's 20 screens. Judy was third on a per-screen basis, and Underwater fourth.

It looks like Maleficent: Mistress of Evil has had it's last weekend on the top 20, after 13 weeks.

Frozen II has now also crossed the 50-million line.

Earnings values are approximate based on current exchange rates, so previous earnings at different rates will distort the "To date" gross.

RankFilmWeekendTo dateWeek
1Jumanji: The Next Level3,326,38458,696,2175
3Frozen II1,489,12552,823,9176
4Spies in Disguise1,118,65210,142,2083
5Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker1,047,16021,544,1774
6Can You Keep a Secret?587,7372,134,6072
7Playing with Fire426,18213,534,2517
1021 Bridges264,0798,787,2607
11Knives Out216,6004,802,1527
13Ford v Ferrari105,0805,901,6718
15Always and Forever92,0841,379,8004
16The Good Liar67,3631,499,1757
17Official Secrets62,1211,036,0845
18Maleficent: Mistress of Evil55,14619,516,93113
19Last Christmas49,6455,461,0646
20Couples' Night44,8941,449,1417

Weekend averages

RankFilmRands / screen
1Jumanji: The Next Level29,169
5Knives Out16,649
6Frozen II14,888
7The Good Liar13,473
8Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker12,606
9Official Secrets12,418
10Spies in Disguise10,642
11Playing with Fire9,675
12Ford v Ferrari9,545
13Can You Keep a Secret?9,473
1421 Bridges8,505
16Couples' Night7,480
17Always and Forever5,415
18Last Christmas4,953
19Maleficent: Mistress of Evil4,592

Best Movies by Average Rating

RankFilmScore / 20
21917 (IMAX)17.00
4Knives Out16.75
5Ford v Ferrari16.43
6Pain and Glory16.42
8Downton Abbey15.82
10Les Misérables15.60

Worst Movies by Average Rating

RankFilmScore / 20
1The Grudge6.89
3Always and Forever8.67
4Can You Keep a Secret?9.25
5Playing with Fire9.64
6Zulu Wedding10.33
7Maleficent: Mistress of Evil11.00
8Last Christmas11.23
9Couples' Night11.50

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