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As in the UK, the Men in Black failed to dislodge Aladdin from the top spot, despite having more screens to compete on. However I think Aladdin's days at the top are numbered when Toy Story hits this weekend.

Of the other new releases, doggie reincarnation tale A Dog's Journey made it to 8th position, while arthouse release The White Crow landed at 13.

Meanwhile, local comedy Kandasamys: The Wedding continues to pull in the crowds, despite showing on only 5 screens. It's per-screen earnings are third overall, and that after 9 weeks. Good going.

In other news, Avengers: Endgame has become only the second film to clock over the 100 million mark, after stable-mate Black Panther. Black Panther made around 104 million while on the top ten.

Weekend of 14 - 16 June 2019

RankFilmWeekendTo dateWeek
1 Aladdin3,484,934 20,722,638 4
2 Men in Black: International3,038,851 3,038,851 1
3 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum1,768,709 19,770,265 5
4 Dark Phoenix1,104,120 4,072,374 2
5 Rocketman887,601 2,644,260 2
6 The Hustle558,434 8,069,690 6
7 Avengers: Endgame514,813 100,511,539 8
8 A Dog's Journey424,769 424,769 1
9 Godzilla: King of the Monsters392,131 3,727,926 3
10 The Big Trip261,816 1,488,292 3
11 Pokémon Detective Pikachu205,092 5,324,077 5
12 Til Death Do Us Part149,910 1,051,058 3
13 The White Crow140,364 140,364 1
14 Kandasamys: The Wedding120,933 18,334,651 9
15 The Sun Is Also a Star119,688 436,286 2
16 Long Shot75,103 2,088,242 4
17 Red Joan40,049 554,180 4
18 Backtrace33,350 126,180 2
19 Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle10,361 353,949 6
20 Love Lives Here6,581 2,860,483 11

Weekend averages

RankFilmRands / screen
2Men in Black: International25,331
3Kandasamys: The Wedding24,190
4John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum19,017
5The Hustle16,927
7The White Crow11,695
8Avengers: Endgame10,094
9Red Joan10,020
10Dark Phoenix9,946
11Long Shot9,382
12Til Death Do Us Part9,368
13A Dog's Journey9,041
14Godzilla: King of the Monsters5,766
15The Big Trip5,336
16Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle5,188
17Pokémon Detective Pikachu5,128
18The Sun Is Also a Star4,121
20Love Lives Here3,290

Best Movies by Average Rating

RankFilmScore / 20
1Toy Story 4 (3D)17.17
2Toy Story 4 (3D IMAX)17.17
3Toy Story 417.17
4Avengers: Endgame (3D)16.79
5Avengers: Endgame16.79
8Avengers: Infinity War (3D)16.17
9Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle15.50

Worst Movies by Average Rating

RankFilmScore / 20
2The Hustle7.55
4Godzilla: King of the Monsters8.00
5Godzilla: King of the Monsters (3D)8.00
6Til Death Do Us Part8.33
7Till Death Do Us Part8.33
8The Intruder8.80
9Wonder Park9.50
10Dark Phoenix9.57

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