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Fan mail from 1997

Thanks to the following people for their feedback, and for their suggestions, some of which have been implemented. Note that the mail is now in the order from most recently received to oldest.

From: Sean du Toit  (30 Dec 1997)

Thanks for running this site.

Is it possible to list the various times the shows start?

From: Shaun Myburg  (30 Dec 1997)

Thanks for a very informative site, it really is helpful when deciding what to see.

Are there any plans for another giveaway?

From: Helen van Eeden  (27 Dec 1997)

Firstly I would like to thank you for your wonderful site.

Secondly I would like to ask you if you cannot do the same thing for videos. There are so many people who cannot afford to go to the movies but can join together and rent a video and then there are the remote areas where it is not so easy to have access to a cinema but there is a video store.

I myself am an owner of a videostore and it will really help me in buying the good stuff and illuminate the bad ones. I would really appreciate it if you can help.

From: Karl von Buddenbrock  (23 Dec 1997)

Please could you provide times for the movies at their respective venues.

Great site otherwise.

From: Alison Truman  (8 Dec 1997)

The Boulders cinema in Midrand is missing from your 'where it's on' section. Otherwise, a very helpful site.

From: Louise Taylor  (7 Dec 1997)

As you click on ... movie venue or movie it should have start times of shows.

From: Grant Smith  (1 Dec 1997)

I've been visiting your site every Friday for quite a while now, and thought it was high time I said "thanks"

I'm staying in Durban, and your guide is the easiest to use in deciding where to drag the gang to that night :) The movie company's sites are a joke, and your site covers both major ones at the same time.

Anyway, this was just to let you know people really appreciate the effort you are putting in each week, thanks again.

From: Luiz de Barros  (13 Nov 1997)

Sorry for the late reply - we've just finished production on a docie and have been running around all over SA. Thanks for the suggestion. Had a look at the site and it's quite cool. Will put up a link this weekend.

From: Di Cooper  (10 Nov 1997)

Would appreciate lists of video releases and crits of them as and when they come out.

From: Alan Berry  (7 Nov 1997)

Nice site! Well done. Am disappointed not to see the movies at the Boulders in Midrand as that's closest to home.

Any chance of this?

From: Deepti Seetha  (30 Oct 1997)

This is one of my favorite sites I even added it to favorities. I am a movie lover who can't stay without updated movies.

From: Stean Snyman  (25 Oct 1997)

I love your movie site - must really take up a bit of your time :)

From: Dave Watson  (23 Oct 1997)

Your comment that certain movies should have gone straight to video is no longer valid. Firstly it implies that people watch junk on video. Not so! Secondly, Video Rental Stores no longer buy junk as it is both an insult to our customers and not commercially viable.

We are a vibrant industry supplying a service to a vast community and with the advent of Dolby Surround, DVD and LaserDisc we are now mainstream entertainment providers.

May I suggest respectfully that you guys look at opening a section of your page that deals with current video releases etc.

But! Hey! Don't take this as a chirp. I think your site is great and I use it as an invaluable guide to the movies that I purchase for my shops. Keep up the good work!

From: Thierry R Salomon  (19 Oct 1997)

Great your site, very useful, well organised, everything !
Two remarks :

1. The Boulders [shopping centre] is in Halfway House, Midrand, and the telephone area code is 011, so I think it should be included in the Johannesburg rather than in the Pretoria area.

2. Would it be possible to include the time of the movies ? I know there are usual times generally applied to all cinemas, but here is the problem: "usual" and "generally". And I'm sure it happened to you as well, it is always the movie you go to see that doesn't show at usual time generally applied.

Thanks for your site. Keep up the good work !

From: Jan Roodt  (24 Sep 1997)

Your site is great and is bookmarked now. Will be using it often from across SA!!!

From: Manola Tommei

Just wanted to say Hi.

This is my first visit to the site, but I've already added it to my list of Favorites.

From: Mike Robinson

Better and faster than Ster Kinekor. Thanks

From: Jan Roodt

What about adding starting times to venues as well as phone numbers?

Would be most useful!

From: Pierre De Bruyn

I would appreciate it if you could also include the drive-in movies as we have small kids and the drive-in is the only place we can see movies without having to organize a baby sitter.

From: Shaun Myburg

Great site, It's good to see a local site so dedicated to film and it's fans.

Wouldn't mind some more competitions, but otherwise it is a extremely good site.

From: Leon Treurnich

What a surprize! All my life I wanted to win a prize, and I go crazy for candles!

Also I am very interested in natural disasters, so this is better than contacting Diana on the other side!

Thanks very much! Since you work there and can't enter the compitition, I shall sent you a bitmap of my candle, which will be displayed next to my Elvis picture!

From: Jay C Tyler

Thanks for the good news about the candle. I don't get the opportunity to go to the movies that often so that when I do I am fairly selective on what I see. That is one of the reasons I check in on your site regularly, to get the latest info on what is available.

As the Web Administrator for the City of Cape Town I know how much work goes into maintaining a Web site. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

From: Owen Roberts

Hi - I think this is a great site, and find it really helpful for finding out what movies are still on circuit. To make things a little easier, maybe you could show, along with the movie review, at which cinemas it is showing - eg: Musgrave, Pavilion, etc.

From: Peter Clarke

Thanx for an excellent page, it is really a great help when deciding what movie to see and it is unlike all other movie sites, it is always up to date.

From: Michael Goodwin

Good page.

Some comments:
a] What about a one click link by movie to computicket
b] What about a link to movies in different towns by major towns ie CT, Jhb.
c] b above could also index by all places in SA where a particular movie is showing or index by movie house showing all movies being currently screened.

From: Soula Apollonatos

Is there any way that you can show where the movies are playing, like the newspaper does? Thanks for a great website.............

From: Mandi McArthur

Wonderfully useful for my "buying" as a video store owner. Not deleting movies for 6 months would be really helpful ! Distributors release movies on video anything from 2 months to 6 months after big screen release. Otherwise this is the best site on the net ! Thanx for all the hard work !

From: Jan Hofmeyr

KEWL SITE ;) and nice reviews that concur with my views.

Has anyone noticed the sound deterioration in the Sterkinikor movie houses (Alberton City & East Rand Mall)? Or is it just my imagination? Saw "The Lost World" at East Rand Mall and only the left hand speakers (of the "surround sound") were working! The sound in the New Metro theaters are better (Bedfordview Centre & Randburg Water Front).

Thanks again for a nice web site.

From: Heather Jewaskiewitz

PLEASE include some pictures of movie stars that star in movies on circuit! It would be very much appreciated and I will definately become a regular visiter at this address.

From: Marcus Raath

Thrilling, Romantic, Noble, inspiring!

From: Muneer Valley

Thanks for your informative page on current movies playing in SA, I have found it very helpfull indeed!

I used to be an avid reader of your F-13, and was really sad to hear that you were not continuing. It was really good, thanks for providing such great entertainment!

From: Frans de Wet

Just stumbled upon this site .... you really have done a nice job ...

From: Anthony Cohn

Great site - exactly what I've been looking for on the net.
Thanks very much.

From: Timo Kriel

Great! What about a link to Computicket to see what shows where ... and if you ever include the independent theaters (Rialto, Strand specifically), it will be fantastic.

From: Dions Scher

Only just found your site. Looks good though. I will be visiting it frequently for movie reviews.
Is it possible to have the AVERAGE rating expressed as a percentage too? It's be easier to read at a glance instead of counting dots.

From: Peter Munnings

At last, an updated movie guide on the internet - specifically for South Africa. Well done.

From: Louise Baskind

I really love your site - I was just wondering how I could find out what the forthcoming attractions are about?

From: Poovie Govender

I would like to use the movie crits from this site for my radio programme. I present a two hour programme of laid-back music on a community (non-profit) radio station.

From: Dave Watson

Thanks for the effort you put in.

I own a few video stores and will visit your site regularly as I am out in the sticks and need to get an idea of available product.

From: Manda Bester

Thank you for your valuable information re. movies. I have found it very interesting and will check up weekly.

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