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Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again

A deadly tool.
Eat your heart out, John Travolta...
Eat your heart out, John Travolta...
Episode 3 in this popular series kicks off with a cyber attack which exposes the identities of all active undercover agents in Britain, leaving Johnny English as the Secret Service’s last (and only) hope. Called out of retirement, he dives head first (as per usual) into action with the task of finding the mastermind hacker. As a man with few skills and analogue methods, our hero must overcome the challenges of modern technology to make this mission a success.

99 minutes, Parental Guidance 10-12 (Language, Violence, Drug abuse)
Action, Adventure, Comedy.

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Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson, Jake Lacy, Ben Miller, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Adam James
David Kerr
ScreenplayWilliam Davies
MusicHoward Goodall
CinematographyFlorian Hoffmeister
EditingTony Cranstoun, Mark Everson
Sound formatsUnknown
SoundtrackNot available
Made in2018
Produced byPerfect World Pictures, Studio Canal, Universal Pictures, Working Title Films

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FPB Report (SA)
LanguageThere are infrequent instances of mild impact use of crude language used in the contexts of swearing, insults and the expression of frustration.
NudityThere is an isolated, low impact scene of partial nudity with buttocks shown in a non-sexual comedic context.
ViolenceThe film contains frequent scenes of mild to moderate impact action-based violence resulting in destruction of property.
Drug abuseNone (sic)
CommentsThe action adventure comedy “Johnny English Strikes Again” is a sequel in the Johnny English franchise, featuring Rowan Atkinson as former MI7 agent Johnny English. The film explores themes of cyber attacks and compromised government systems, double identities, deception, global take-over, investigation, assassination attempts, threats to national security and secret missions. The themes dealing with assassination attempts, cyber attacks, advanced technology, double identities, threat to national security (which can be seen as acts of terrorism and treason, although not referred to as such), are complex and mature and may be confusing to young children under 10 years. There is also a sense of drama, threat and menace as contained in secret agents risking their lives to defeat the bad guys, even when their lives are threatened, as well as in the threats to national security. This may be upsetting, disturbing and distressing to viewers under 10 years, who may not yet be able to effectively regulate their emotions. Themes of deception may also be morally harmful to very young viewers who do not have the ability to comprehend the function of it within the storyline. However, no one is killed in the film, and the themes are presented light-heartedly and comically in the context of an adventurous over the top manner which pokes fun at traditional English spy films like James Bond, containing humorous unrealistic scenarios, which results in particular entertainment value. There are also positive themes and pro-social messages about good overcoming evil, teamwork, heroes defeating villains, justice prevailing, saving ones country and the world, forming alliances and companionship, as well as positive resolutions with the heroes (or good guys) ultimately defeating the evil villain with their selfless bravery. More mature children of 10 years and older, are likely to benefit from, and appreciate the mitigating factors contained in the humour, unrealistic scenarios and positive pro-social considerations. Parental guidance is recommended for children of 10 to 12 years to decide whether the film is appropriate for children in their care, to explain the context, and to provide comfort and reassurance if required.
These details are supplied by the FPB. If you have a problem with any of the above, please take it up directly with the FPB. Read the Classification Guidelines.

Scale (Max)20
What the Critics say
Cape Argus/The StarMasego Panyane quote icon 10
Die BurgerLaetitia Pople quote icon 10
24.comIlan Preskovsky quote icon 5
What the People say
IMDB344 Netizens14
Average .. 49%10


Johnny English Strikes Again
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