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The Bone Collector

I've got this attitude problem...
A quadriplegic ex-cop was looking forward to his assisted suicide when he got the news: some sicko was abducting people in a taxi and leaving them to die in particularly sadistic ways. That all changes when he is confronted with clues from a serial killer that obviously are intended for forensic investigation. The case clearly re-invokes his interest in life. A sharp, young cop's quick thinking saves the first crime scene. Recognizing her talent for forensics, he brings her unwillingly into forensics detection. Through radio contact, she becomes his eyes and legs on the scene.

115 minutes, No persons under 16 (Violence, Language)

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Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Queen Latifa, Michael Rooker, Mike McGlone
Phillip Noyce
Screenplay Jeffrey Deaver, Jeremy Iacone
MusicCraig Armstrong
CinematographyDean Semler
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1999
Produced byUniversal Pictures, Columbia Pictures Corporation

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Scale (Max)20
South African Media
The MoviesiteIan Douglas14
The MoviesiteViolet Jacobs12
Cape ArgusBianca Coleman10
Cape ArgusAdrian Monteath10
The StarJanine Walker14
Die BurgerHerman Wasserman10
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge15
RapportBarrie Hough14
BeeldMarius Jooste14
SA City LifeTony Jackman10)
TV3 ScreenplaySandy Ngema16
International Media
eye Weekly (Canada)Alex Patterson5
Box Office (USA)Susan Green10
Rough Cuth (USA)Matt Kelsey15
Total Film (UK)Cam Winstanley5
Film Review (UK)Anwar Brett10
Average .. 58%12
Visitor Ratings
Guinevere Vos12
Bruce Humphrey (44): 17
Lynette Lutz (31) 18
Karin Frank (16) 18
Andre Swanepoel 16
Andrew Simpson 12
Brandy Leger 20
Letticia Miro 12
Average .. 78%16

Visitor Comments
Ian Douglas: Not a bad detective yarn, althought the plot structure does get a little repetitive at times. At one stage I began to think that the film was contrived just to have a young woman walking around dark scary places all alone, in a much more credible manner than your usual teen thriller. Good performances.

Shaun Myburg (21): A great non-controversial role for Angelina Jolie this time, and yet another great performance. Teamed up with Denzel Washington and Queen Latifah in a crime thriller with a difference. The mood is dark and the settings are cold and gloomy which makes for a tense movie that will indeed offer a few thrills. Great stuff!

Guinevere Vos (22): This film should have been much better given the big names in it but it fell short in so many places. The motive just wasn't credible enough.

Bruce Humphrey (44): A serial killer with very gory scenes. Great suspense for giving your adrenalin a good workover. One of my top movies in this class!

Lynette Lutz (31): A really good movie.

Karin Frank (16): It is really a very good, very gripping movie! I didn't look at my watch once!

Andrew Simpson (17): Denzel Washington gives a superb performance in this dark thriller about a serial killer who after killing his victims leaves clues for the police to find. Angelina Jolie gave a very dull performance although she didn't have much to work with. The film is good but very forgettable.

Brandy Leger (19): This is the best movie that I have ever seen. I think that it conveys a terriffic message to women who want to become involved with inforcing the law and becoming forensic scientists.

Letticia Miro 19: It was better than what I expected, I didn`t remember the murderer untill I watched it twice, they could have featured him a bit more earlier in the movie!

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