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Shelter Island

Shelter Island Lou Delemere (Ally Sheedy),a former professional golfer turned motivational speaker, who lives with her charming friend Alex (Patsy Kensil), seems to have it all: fame, money and a beautiful best friend. Or does she? Lou's seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when she is attacked near her home in Manhattan.

This traumatic turn of events sends her and Alex retreating to their country estate on Shelter Island. However, there is no shelter on Shelter Island. This usually tranquil island becomes a haven of isolation from a severe storm leaving its inhabitants trapped and cut off from all communications. During this stormy evening, the presence of an unwelcome stranger (Stephen Baldwin), a perverse sheriff (Chris Penn) and an alluring and manipulative beauty (Mimi Langeland) take Lou and Alex into uncharted waters of danger and sexual intrigue.

80 minutes, No persons under 13 (Nudity, Violence).


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