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Radical Jack

Radical Jack Jack Reynolds (BILLY RAY CYRUS) is trying to escape his past. A past where he worked for the CIA and where his wife and daughter became victims of an act of terrorism perpetrated by his involvement in an arms deal that went bad.

After travelling aimlessly he finds solace in a small seemingly peaceful town. Jack is offered an evening job at the bar in town. With his sense of humor and personality his is an instant hit with the patrons, as well as getting the interest of the beautiful barmaid Kate (DEDEE PFEIFFER).

Roland (NOAH BLAKE) the ringleader of a local group of radicals turns up at the bar with his buddies. When Roland notices that Kate seems interested in Jack, tension mounts and a brawl ensues. Jack's fighting skills overwhelm Roland and his group and they leave bloodied and embarrassed.

In a final explosive showdown, Lloyd, Roland and Roberto are closing their arms deal, when Jack appears. After taking out Lloyd and Roland, Jack now finds himself face to face with the man who destroyed his life.


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