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Beyond the Prairie

It is 1881 at the Ingall's shanty on their Dakota territory homestead claim, where raging prairie fires, deadly blizzards and an occasional loose reckless horse are, at times, seen as adventures by the dauntless 16-year-old Laura. She savours her time at home with her parents and her three sisters. The strong bond she shares with her father, from whom she enherited her pioneer spirit.

The part of Laura that yearns for new experiences is delighted by the arrival of Almanzo Wilder, a kind, intriguing and handsome man who settles a claim nearby with his brother. His presence and mysterious name intruige Laura, and Almanzo makes her aware that he is equally interested in her.

The family's desperate financial situation forces them to persuade Laura to market her knowledge and writing prowess by becoming a teacher at a school 30 miles away. For the first time, Laura becomes keenly aware that her cherished life with her family, will not last forever.

87 minutes, All Ages.


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