Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (4DX)

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
The story of Darth Vader's origin, 'The Phantom Menace' focuses on the peaceful planet of Naboo's efforts to ward off an attack by the greedy Trade Federation. Jedi Knights escort Queen Amidala to the Galactic Senate in Coruscant to plead for the protection of her people. En route they make a prolonged pit stop at Tatooine, a desert planet ruled by gangsters, to make repairs on their damaged ship...

131 minutes.
Parental Guidance (Violence).
A little light action.
A little light action.


Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Jake Lloyd, Ian McDiarmid, Pernilla August
George Lucas
ScreenplayGeorge Lucas
MusicJohn Williams
CinematographyDavid Tattersall
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byLucasfilm Ltd.

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What the Critics say

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What the People say

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Average .. 69%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Riaz Patel 1
Emilio 20
Ken Mackenzie 16
Daniela Horne 20
Shaun Myburg 20
Torgny Hylen 20
Hannes Viljoen 18
Jonathan Henderson 20
John 16
Greg 18
Lee Man 10
Manda Dreyer 18
Don Bode 18
Gordon Ellison 20
Vimbai Dembetembe 16
Kevin Gale 12
Gareth Marshall 16
Natalie Fisher 20
Reyaaz Hassan 20
Liesl Hammond 20
Greg Pentz 16
Carlo Piani 18
Charl Rousseau 20
Robert Haynes 1
Robert Larsting 20
Martin Wilding 14
Jonathan Fourie 14
Jackie Dunlop 16
Nick Botha 8
Vanessa Trewick 20
Jeff Harrison 18
Andre Swanepoel 12
Jana Roos 20
Maron Germanos 20
Sly Gauthier 19

Average .. 82%


Visitor Comments

Philip du Toit: Great movie.

Riaz Patel: No story line and too much special effects! The force has left me.

Ken Mackenzie: Excellent special effects, I will see it at least twice.

Daniela Horne: Brilliant.

Shaun Myburg: This movie is the movie of the decade! Staying true to the legend and adding it's own qualities, the Phantom Menace was worth waiting for. Real Star Wars fans will find a tear in their eyes, as all the memories come flowing back. Strong performance by Ewan, Liam and Natalie Portman provide more than adequate replacements for Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Jake Lloyd as Anakin is a treat and along with Jar Jar Blinks he caters for the children's audience.The only question now is...can we survive waiting for Episodes II and III! This is movie making at it's best!

Torgny Hylen: Absolutely brilliant! Worthy of the utmost praise! All the critics can go to hell - they obviously aren't of the generation brought up on the starswars universe. Best Movie of the decade! I can watch this again and again! And will undoubtedly do so.

Hannes Viljoen: Very well done :-)

Jonathan Henderson: A lot of negative comments about the movie have done the rounds. So what? Star Wars is back.

John: Acting is sometimes a bit flat, but a blockbuster nevertheless.

Greg: Great escapist fun.

Lee Man: Much to do about nothing!

Don Bode: Excellent, excellent, excellent. An absolute feast for all the Star Wars and 90's sci-fi junkies. For those who hate it find a planet in the far reaches of the galaxy and stick your head in a crater.

Gordon Ellison: Brilliant movie which complimants the Star Wars universe perfectly.

Vimbai Dembetembe: Very interesting! I especially liked how the queen was in disgiuse!

Kevin Gale: Finally things are starting to make sense in the grand scheme of Star Wars. I had to see the movie as I grew up with the Star Wars generation. Unfortunately, I must admit, I don't feel the urge to see it a second time. I understand that episode 1 is really an introduction of the characters for episodes 2 and 3 but I felt that little Skywalker stole the show. This, of course, doen't deter me from dying to see Episodes 2 and 3, but I would rather watch Matrix for the third time.

Gareth Marshall: Bloody good.

Natalie Fisher: It was fine!

Reyaaz Hassan: Absolutely brilliant - George Lucas has one of the most imaginative minds of our time. This movie leaves one yearning for the remaining prequels, this is fantasy story telling, spiced with political intrigue and blended with a rich social and cultural atmosphere. I loved it. The pod race gave a nod to Ben Hur and the battle scene paid tribute to Spartacus. There are obviously hundreds of other references and subplots that I can't wait to read about. Must be seen at least twice.

Liesl Hammond: Excellent. Can't wait for the next 2.

Carlo Piani: I loved it!

Charl Rousseau: Absolutely stunning.

Robert Haynes: Awful...Awful. FX moviemaking taken to it's nadir. This is the ultimate braindead big flash junk that seems to sell tickets to todays braindead 'tripping on e' rave generation audiences. McGregor should stick to the arthouse and Neeson should go on sabbatical. Good Performances! C'mon guys were you watching the same movie?! Never have performances left me laughing more than in this movie. They looked like they were reading off a bloody autocue. Lucas is an excuse for a director - he should stick to what he knows - FX and the THX - the technical side of filmmaking. And the FX yes they were good if fact excellent but jeez, aren't you all bored with effect after effect. I found myself dosing off toward the films 'STARTLINGLY PREDICTABLE' conclusion. The best movie of the decade? The dumbest movie of the decade...No offence to anyone who enjoyed it but you know the old marketing proverb...Bulls**t baffles brains.

Robert Larsting: Excellent, I thought it lived up to the original trilogy and this film is simply setting up the next 2 films in the new trilogy!

Jonathan Fourie: It was Okay.

Jackie Dunlop: Good movie but even more unrealistic than the rest, why in every movie does the technology get worse?

Nick Botha: It sucks.

Vanessa Trewick: Thanks to the Lucas film team for bringing back the magic. Too many movies forget that in order for anything, including the force, to be in balance, there has to be bad as well as good - who would believe that young Anikin would be the one to bring balance - by turning to the dark side. Have we all done this at some time?

Jeff Harrison: Hope the next one is better.

Andre Swanepoel: Special effects were good but that was it.

Jana Roos: Average storyline, but brilliant special effects.

Maron Germanos: The best of the best!

Sly Gauthier: Very good story for the begining of a triple trilogy!!!


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