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Coyote Ugly

We really good doggies...
We really good doggies...
A young female songwriter moves from the sticks to New York, in an attempt to break into the music business. Things do not go well, and she takes a job in a wild bar, where she learns to overcome her shyness. Along the way, she has a romance with a slightly unusual Australian guy...

97 minutes, Parental Guidance
Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, Maria Bello, Izabella Miko, Melanie Lynskey, Bridget Moynahan, Tyra Banks
David McNally
ScreenplayGina Wendkos
MusicTrevor Horn
CinematographyAmir M. Mokri
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in2000
Produced byJerry Bruckheimer Films, Touchstone Pictures

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Scale (Max)20
South African Media
The MoviesiteIan Douglas10
Cape ArgusBianca Coleman5
The StarJoanna Rix12
Die BurgerFrancois Smith5
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge10
RapportPaul Boekkooi12
BeeldMarius Jooste14
TV3 ScreenplayBarry Ronge14
SAfm Screen & CoAlan Swerdlow14
International Media
Box Office (USA)Mike Kerrigan5
Rough Cuth (USA)Susannah Breslin6
Total Film (UK)Ceri Thomas5
Film Review (UK)Anwar Brett5
IMDB1234 Netizens12
Average .. 46%9
Visitor Ratings
Dylan Young 16
Lize Redelinghuys 20
Beverley Lang 18
Alet Joubert 6
Zendi Irmscher 18
Machèla Liefeldt 19
Deniel Gazendam 20
Michelle Swart 20
Jaco Cronje 20
Beverley Langley 18
Liezel Blom 16
Gabi Külz 18
Brook Parker 16
Nizar Davids 12
Hilga de Waal (38) 18
Molly Pool 20
Jason Willan (15) 20
Rivera Maria (18) 20
Jana Couchman (13) 20
Katie Flannery 20
Irene Christensen (15) 20
Sydnei Vinson (15)20
Jennifer Declux (25) 20
Brenda Kruger (35) 16
Natalie Holmes 18
Average .. 90%18

Visitor Comments
Ian Douglas: A rom-com aimed squarely at teenage guys, with plenty of eye-candy for them to gawk at. Pleasant if forgettable.

Isma Manitsa (28): I thought it was a real fun movie which of course will appeal to most of the male population too 'cause of the babes.

Dylan Young (19): I thought it was a very good movie , it is a movie that shows one person trying to make it in life , the hard way but the fun way , I thought it was a very emotional movie and nearly cried four times and I am a male.

Lize Redelinghuys (13): It is a great movie!!

Beverley Lang (18): Excellent movie!!

Zendi Irmscher (20): The music is stunning! And the Bar Tricks = Wow!

Machèla Liefeldt (16): It's every girl's dream !!! Plus Adam is an absolute (Australian - bonus) babe !!!

Deniel Gazendam (20): An excellent movie! Worth watching!

Michelle Swart (12): Great movie!!

Beverley Langley (18): Excellent film!

Liezel Blom (29): Excellent movie!!

Gabi Külz (13): Composition of film was good. Rounds off a complete story.

Brook Parker (16): Very good and heart warming. A must see!!

Molly Pool (19): It is one of my favorites movies of all movies I have ever seen.

Katie Flannery (16): It is a very good song and after watching it 2 times I got into writing songs and wrote 5 songs which are gr-8 so I say this movie made me want 2 do what she is doing and im dong that 2. Its a great movie everyone should go see it!!!

Natalie Holmes (16): I thought it was a brillant film for my sort of age group. I really enjoyed it and am definitly buying it on video

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