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Any Given Sunday

OK, you can take your spade and bucket with...
OK, you can take your spade and bucket with...
Set in the ultra-macho world of American Football, our hero the coach is approaching the end of his career. He has had a string of losses, and is under pressure from the suits upstairs to shape up or ship out. Add in an assortment of wacky characters, from the upstart new quarterback to the less-than-ethical team doctor, and the stage is set for some real drama...

150 minutes, No persons under 16 (Language)
Drama, Male conflict & bonding

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Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, James Woods, Jamie Fox, LL Cool J, Matthew Modine
Oliver Stone
ScreenplayJohn Logan, Daniel Pyne, Oliver Stone
MusicRichard Horowitz, Paul Kelly, Swizz Beat, Bill Brown, Camara Kambon, Michael A. Levine, Tony McAnaney, Mobie, Robbie Robertson
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byThe Donners' Company, Illusion Entertainment, Ixtlan Corporation, Warner Bros.

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Scale (Max)20
South African Media
Cape ArgusAdrian Monteath15
Cape ArgusBianca Coleman10
Cape TimesMarc Devenish5
The StarDarryl Accone10
Die BurgerCharles J. Fourie15
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge10
BeeldMarius Jooste13
TV3 ScreenplayBarry Ronge16
International Media
eye Weekly (Canada)Tom Lyons10
Box Office (USA)Annlee Ellingson10
Rough Cuth (USA)Tom Cappello8
Total Film (UK)Cam Winstanley10
Film Review (UK)Jason Caro10
IMDB1943 Netizens14
Average .. 56%11
Visitor Ratings
Ben Carpenter 16
Leon Myburgh 14
Jeremie Dupont 8
Nick van der Walt 16
Average .. 68%14

Visitor Comments
Ian Douglas: I managed to last half way through this film before walking out, something I vary rarely do. Nor was I the first to leave. The story was going nowhere fast and the extremely violent and over-macho nature of the 'sport' and characters was irritating me. Cameron Diaz failed to convince as The Big Boss. I am surprised at the age restriction, given that the first half has her walking around the male locker room, with full-frontal male nudity on display, and apparently there are corresponding scenes in a female locker room (presumably the cheerleaders) later on.

Paul Felix: The rating I gave is for the photography. This movie has no story and the excellent cast deserve better opportunities at showing their talents. Oliver Stone has gone a long way from Platoon - unfortunately in the wrong direction. Boring would probably describe this movie the best. Don't waste your money!!!

Ben Carpenter: I thought that the choreography of the tackling was brilliant. The movie keeps your eyes glued to the screen, it is so intense. I really think Oliver Stone has outdone himself.

Leon Myburgh: An interesting though loud movie. Don't go expecting a football story. It is a story about the pressures on people involved with American football. I'm not expert on American football but it does seem to over-dramatise the physical harm the game does to the players. The hand-held camera and quick jumps between different cuts can be off-putting to some viewers. Not a bad movie.

Jeremie Dupont (23): Weird movie.. A bit (a lot ??) confusing. Without Pacino and Diaz, this movie would be pointless..

Nick van der Walt (20): I thought Pacino was brilliant as per usual! I just love movies with sport in them.

Any Given Sunday
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