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American Pie

Does anybody feel like a little pie?
Does anybody feel like a little pie?
Four high school seniors make a pact to hit a sexual homerun before they graduate. Mortified that a fellow classmates has sex before they did, the rest go about securing themselves a slice of the action in a variety of ways. One of them thought that he's hit the big time when the super hot foreign exchange student comes over to his house to study, but he soon discovers he's in over his head...

95 minutes, No persons under 16

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Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Seann William Scott, Mena Suvari, Natasha Lyonne, Tara Reid
Paul Weitz
ScreenplayAdam Hertz
MusicDavid Nessim Lawrence
CinematographyRichard Crudo
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1999
Produced byUniversal Pictures

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Scale (Max)20
South African Media
The MoviesiteViolet Jacobs15
Cape ArgusDerek Wilson5
Cape ArgusAdrian Monteath1
Cape TimesJean-Pierre Rossouw1
The StarJanine Walker10
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge10
TV3 ScreenplayBarry Ronge14
International Media
Box Office (USA)Annlee Ellingson10
Rough Cuth (USA)Megan M. McCarthy15
Film Review (UK)Dan Jolin15
Film Review (UK)Ian Spelling10
IMDB2999 Netizens15
Average .. 50%10
Visitor Ratings
Mary KinPie 16
Dion Scher 20
Melani Padayachee 16
Gordon Ellison 18
Sherrly Temple 20
Robert Haynes 4
André Janse van Vuuren 18
Godfrey Topham 16
Renier Swanepoel 20
Darren Oliver 20
Eddie Roper 16
Andre Swanepoel 10
Terence Brown 20
Sheraan Shabodien 16
Nuno Rosa 18
Guinevere Vos 16
Doug Macrae 1
Gab and Bonx 20
Angela Pearson 10
Sami Samia 20
Melanie Anderson 16
Za\'Miel Mu\'Cai 16
Average .. 79%16

Visitor Comments
Craig Mackenzie: Absolutely Hilarious!

Mary KinPie: Hot and steamy!

Dion Scher: Absolutely hysterical. I didn't stop laughing. If you enjoyed Something About Mary, you'll love this one.

Melani Padayachee: Excellent perception and wit.

Gordon Ellison: Hillarious! Not first date faire however!

Sherrly Temple: Fine!

Robert Haynes: Gee - Never has the toilet bowl resembled a movie so closely - Go rent PORKY's people for the same idiotic adolescent humour that is passed off as comedy. This is nothing like There's Something About Mary - that was sharp witty and occasionally intelligent - this is stupid, boring and totally childish - CRAP...

André Janse van Vuuren: Excellent. I laughed from the beginning to the end.

Godfrey Topham: Great

Renier Swanepoel: This is the best movie for the weekend of fun.

Darren Oliver: I'm still laughing!

Eddie Roper: Cool.

Andre Swanepoel: Some amusing moments but over hyped.

Terence Brown: It was a typical teenager's movie.

Sheraan Shabodien: Absolutely hilarious!

Nuno Rosa: I loved this movie.

Guinevere Vos: Really crude and so funny. Makes a person wonder if teenagers are really THAT horny?

Doug Macrae: Not even one giggle from me or the rest of the movie house, you got to be brainless to enjoy this one.

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American Pie

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