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A Destiny of Her Own

You have no heart!?
You have no heart!?
Based on a true story, this lush period drama tells the story of a remarkable young woman. In a time when few careers were open to women, she used her beauty and intelligence to rise to a position of considerable influence in Venetian society. Although her love-life was frustrated by politics, the wives of her many lovers had her charged with witchcraft.

111 minutes, No persons under 16 (Sex, Nudity)

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Catherine McCormack, Rufus Sewell, Oliver Platt, Jacqueline Bisset
Marshall Herskovitz
ScreenplayJeannine Dominy, based on The Honest Courtesan by Margaret Rosenthal
MusicGeorge Fenton
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1998
Produced byBedford Falls, New Regency Pictures

Scale (Max)20
South African Media
The MoviesiteIan Douglas13
Cape ArgusJeremy Lawrence15
Cape TimesJulia Landau5
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge15
RapportPaul Boekkooi12
TV3 ScreenplayBarry Ronge14
International Media
eye Weekly (Canada)Malene Arpe5
Box Office (USA)Kim Williamson10
Rough Cuth (USA)Gary Susman9
Film Review (UK)Lórien Haynes5
IMDB377 Netizens15
Average .. 54%11
Visitor Ratings
Vinoti Schipper 16
Jarques Cloete 18
Blaise Quinton16
Enrique Lopez Campos 20
Karin O'Donnell 20
Juan Pablo Salazar Vega 19
Jason Wang 20
Tarryn Naicker 18
Rana Rayess 16
Peter Kri 20
Taeko Kobayashi 18
Johan Muller 20
Alisa Huang 20
Kristina Baruskin 20
Ashley van Deijl 20
Lily Lyn 16
James Baillieu 20
Sherry Rhodes 20
Shan Mukerjee 20
Billy Maritz 16
Anu Tolvanen 20
Isma Manitsa 20
Christo Becker 20
Bego Corrales 20
Melissa Patrick20
Maurice Obeid 18
Average .. 94%19

Visitor Comments
Meagan M. Englehart: I felt that the cinematography of the film contributed to the beauty of the period. The representation of the classes during the period brought to new light the struggles that those of the lower class endured. The choices that women were afforded during the period were few and far between.

Jarques Cloete: Riveting.

Blaise Quinton: Really beautiful. No scimping in the set and costume departments. A really superb period piece.

Enrique Lopez Campos: I loved it!

Karin O'Donnell: One of the best movies I have ever seen.

Juan Pablo Salazar Vega: It is an excellent movie with an excellent cast.

Jason Wang: I love it very much!

Tarryn Naicker: 'Lustful & tempting.' To watch a movie where a woman is in control of a man's every desire is intriguing.

Peter Kri: Like a beautiful 112 minutes long painting.... I love it.

Johan Muller: Absolutely superb! Catherine McCormacks performance was breath-taking.

Alisa Huang: I love Venice.

Ashley van Deijl: It is just so wonderful for me that someone can love another more than life itself. After this movie, I realized, there is no greater love than that of your true love.

Lily Lyn: It's good to see a woman stand up to assert her will. I realy admire the woman with courage.

James Baillieu: It was stunning! I love Rufus!

Sherry Rhodes: Outstanding...intelligent...perfect.

Shan Mukerjee: Lush, Spectacular and Breathtaking. Not to be use all the traditional cliches...

Billy Maritz: A truly great performance by the actors, in the portrayl of that life and time. It's not just a movie but view on their life, their time, suffering, love. How far would you go for love?

Anu Tolvanen: Very good! I liked it very much!

Isma Manitsa: You can feel the power that is called love. Love that is painted with beautiful words and very intriguing realistic twist. Very impressive, Catherine!

Christo Becker: The parallels between this movie and todays society are clear. Women today are all taught to hide their passions and feelings. When they express themselves society labels them as sluts. Men still have their ''LADIES'' , whether escorts or simply plain pornography. Men still desire women with something different.

Melissa Patrick: It is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I think it deserves to stand up on the same mark as Braveheart because of Veronica's courage and honour. She was truly a heroic woman.

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A Destiny of Her Own

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