'; $discuss="http://www.moviesite.co.za/mswp/?p=1953"; $ratingslocalexist="0"; $ratingslocal=array( 1=>"Cape Argus / The Star~~", 2=>"Die Burger~~", 3=>"Cape Times~~", 4=>"Good Weekend~~", 5=>"iAfrica.com~~", 6=>"Mail & Guardian~Shaun de Waal~", 7=>"SA Movie & DVD~James O'Ehley~", 8=>"The Citizen~~", 9=>"Sunday Times~Barry Ronge~", 10=>"24.com~~", ); $ratingsinternationalexist="1"; $ratingsinternational=array( 1=>"BBC~~~", 2=>"BollyVista~~~", 3=>"Bollywood~~~", 4=>"Box Office~Kate Erbland~10~A guilty pleasure", 5=>"Chicago Sunday Times~Roger Ebert~~", 6=>"eye Weekly~~~", 7=>"Film Chamber~~~", 8=>"Footprints~~~", 9=>"IMDB Staff~~~", 10=>"IndiaFM~~~", 11=>"NowRunning~~~", 12=>"ReelViews~James Berardinelli~15~Not much of what Dredd has to offer is new or groundbreaking, but the fusion of familiar elements generates a smartly-paced, suspenseful 90 minutes that's a vast improvement over the 1995 film, although not quite on par with The Raid: Redemption when it comes to pure, unexpurgated action. ", 13=>"Rolling Stone~Peter Travers~~", 14=>"ScreenIt~C. Fuchs~~", 15=>"The Times~~~", 16=>"Metacritic.com~29 critics~12~", 17=>"Rottentomatoes critics~115 critics~13", 18=>"Rottentomatoes tomatometer~Tomatometer~15~Fueled by bombastic violence and impressive special effects, rooted in self-satire and deadpan humor, Dredd 3D is a rare example of a remake that actually works.", 19=>"Movie Review Query Engine~MRQE critics~12~", 20=>"Movie Review Intelligence~33 critics~13", 21=>"Internet~9603 Netizens~15~", ); $userratingsexist=0; $userratings=array( ); $usercommentsexist=0; $usercomments=array( ); require("../../moviepage.htm"); ?>