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Should we invite your husband along next week? We pick up the story near the start of a strictly-sexual affair between a barman and a woman that he had entertained one day. She starts coming to visit him once a week, for a speechless, heavy sex session. Intrigued, he starts following her when she leaves, to learn more about her. He even makes friends with her husband. One week, she does not arrive, and he intensifies his investigations and discussions with her husband, trying to make sense of the situation.

119 minutes, No persons under 18 (Language, Sex, Nudity).
Drama, Sex, On the Art Circuit.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Ian Douglas: Okay, while not quite as explicit as last year's Romance, it *is* very explicit at times, especially as far as the male organ goes. So be warned. The motivation of the man does not make sense, and while the woman does offer some justification for her two-timing (rather belatedly), it too lacks realism. The behaviour of the protagonists is just so far removed from how we expect people to behave that I had difficulty accepting the story as credible.
On the plus side, the film has been nominated for several awards, so other people do find merit in it somewhere.

Shelley Garb (48): I enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters because their feeling for each other came across well, unlike in Romance which was just sex for sex's sake. I did not enjoy the scenes with the friend Victor who I found to be an unpleasant and unsavoury character who seemed irrelevant to the story. I enjoyed the idea that their relationship only worked when they knew nothing about each other and went sour as the details emerged.

Barry Myburgh (52): What a tragic view of today's society. That two people can find pleasure (and excitement?) in bonking for the sake of bonking. What happened to foreplay? What happened to sharing the afterglow? If this is what the average person's life is all about, why bother with life at all? THUMBS DOWN!

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