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Boys Don't Cry

  • It's not broccoli, it's celery.

Based on the true story of the last weeks in the life of Teena Brandon. She thought of herself as a boy, and so dressed and acted like one, going by the name of Brandon Teena. She hooks up with some poor whites, and falls in love with one of the girls, while at the same time fooling everyone into thinking she is a good-time guy. Eventually the pawpaw hit the fan and her deception was discovered, which had tragic consequences. The two female leads are both Oscar-nominated.

118 minutes, No persons under 16 (Language, Violence)
Drama, Romance, Female interest

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Hilary Swank, Chloë Sevigny, Peter Sarsgaard, Brendan Sexton III, Alison Folland
Kimberly Peirce
ScreenplayKimberly Peirce, Andy Bienen
MusicNathan Larson
Sound formatsDolby
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1999
Produced byKiller Films, Independent Film Channel, Hart Sharp Productions

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Scale (Max)20
South African Media
The MoviesiteIan Douglas12
Cape ArgusOwen Williams10
Cape ArgusAdrian Monteath15
Cape TimesJulia Landau10
The StarJanine Walker12
Die BurgerFrancois Smith15
Sunday TimesBarry Ronge10
RapportPaul Boekkooi18
SA City LifeTony Jackman15
TV3 ScreenplayBarry Ronge16
International Media
eye Weekly (Canada)Gemma Files15
Box Office (USA)Shlomo Schwartzberg10
Rough Cuth (USA)Christopher Brandon14
Total Film (UK)Tom Dawson15
Film Review (UK)Jason Caro15
IMDB961 Netizens17
Average .. 68%14
Visitor Ratings
Natalie Bell 20
Average .. 100%20

Visitor Comments
Natalie Bell (12): When I first decided to watch the movie Boys Don't Cry I didn't exactly know what it was. I didn't know the plot, and I especially didn't know it was a true story. the forst few times I saw the movie it obviously broke my heart, but there was also something about it, like there was a message hidden inside it and I just couldn't quit dig it out. This last week I found out the movie was true, and this is 2 years after its release. I watched the movie over again and I realized what the message was, and it gave me a total different outlook on life in general. Teena had grown up a world where homosexuality, or anything different in that matter wasn't excepted. So over her brutal childhood, and teenage years of hating who she was she slowly transformed herself into a man. But her last few days alive Lana knew she was a woman. I would say Lana was a bit distraut but mostly she was in love. I think Teena taught her how to love. So even though the both of them were living in a world of hate Lana showed kind ness in the hardest position. One of the messages the movie let's out is that in a way we've all grown up in a world of hate, and we've all sort of changed ourselves to better suit this world, and we've all seen acts of kindness and suddenly realized how cruel our world really is, so in the short run all we can honestly get from Teena's life is the truth. And all we can do about her death is learn from her life and don't make her same mistakes.

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Boys Don't Cry

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